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Who makes the donations to the different charities?

The revenue-share portion of each purchase goes directly to the artist, or entity. They in turn make the donation directly to their cause(s).

Who designs the products?

We work closely with all our product partners. Many have unique personal stories attached to each product, and have also selected particular ingredients. They are all brilliantly creative and we feel honored to work with them on supporting their causes.

Where are the products made?

All products are made in the USA.

Are your products organic?

The USDA states that for a product to be called ‘organic’ it must contain a minimum of 95% certified organic ingredients. We use an average of 90% certified organic ingredients in our products, but we do not claim it to be an organic product by their definition, rather, made with organic ingredients.

Are these products hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic does not mean non-allergenic but rather it means the most common skin allergens have been removed from the product. All ingredients are listed on product packaging so one can easily avoid ingredients that may cause them irritation. We always recommend a patch test before trying any new product. Instructions on how to do a skin patch test are on the website.

Do any of these products contain gluten?

No, they are 100% gluten-free.

How will my order be packaged?

Our sustainable packaging keeps your purchases safe with minimal waste. Your order will arrive in a plain white box, wrapped in signature biodegradable tissue paper with stickers, signature black ribbon and biodegradable peanut shells.

Are these products private labeled?

Flowering Pharmacy do not private label anything. We design all of our own formulas, buy our raw materials and work closely with our manufactures here in the USA.

Are these product available at retail stores?

Currently they can only be purchased from our online store and the merchant stores of each of our collaborators.

How much input do each of the artists have?

They are the ones who decide their favorite beauty, or wellness must-have. Then we work closely with them on ingredient selection, and formula traits. Many design their own artwork too which we encourage.

Do you ship abroad?

Yes, we do. Please see shipping and returns for more details.

Is gift wrapping available?

Although our orders are minimally packaged, they are presented in luxury signature biodegradable tissue paper, premium quality signature ribbon and a signature thank you card in an envelope. If this is intended as a gift, we can ensure you the recipient will not be disappointed. We are always happy to include a handwritten note if you wish.

I see you work with different designers internationally, do they design the products?

Personal care products are designed by our award-winning green chemist Karen Sinclair Drake. With fragrances she works along side our resident French perfumer based in Paris and Versailles. Candles are made in the USA by a leading female candle maker whose company is known for its exquisite European wax blends. We have an incredible team of experts who we are proud to announce are all female.

Are these products limited editions?

No, but they are limited releases. Take our fragrances as an example, our method of perfume making requires two weeks maceration, followed by chilling and filtering before filling. It really is a multifaceted phenomenon. Therein lies each fragrances sophisticated beauty and nuances. We only release a certain number of bottles each time we make a fragrance.

Can I apply to sell these product wholesale?

We are very sorry, but the products you see on this site are not offered for wholesale.

Are artists paid to promote your products?

No, they are not paid to promote these products.

What makes Fair trade sustainable?

Supporting Fair trade small-scale farming operations around the world can make a difference by helping producers build sustainable livelihoods, diversify their businesses, and even reinvigorate entire sectors of production. On plantations, Fair trade standards contribute to decent working conditions and more freedom of association. Additionally, farmers and workers tend to invest in their local communities, share their knowledge, and innovate to improve their businesses and workplaces, as a company we have seen the benefits of Fair trade extend well beyond the people it supports to where all-women cooperatives are now been set up in South-East Asia where women have come together to form the first all-female cooperative and say that being part of Fair trade has literally changed their lives, and that of their families.

How do your products differ from other companies products that own their own farms?

We have decided as a company to support global sponsorship growing programs at home and Fair trade abroad. These initiatives allow farms to remain within the family for future generations, and are providing far better and far greater opportunities for women in certain regions, which we fully support.

Is natural perfume made from essential oils?

Yes. And no. Natural perfume is made from plant extracts and essential oils like rose, jasmine, and sandalwood. It may also include other naturally derived materials like tinctures (made from soaking plants in alcohol), attars (hydro-distilled plants co-extracted with sandalwood), resins, distillates, natural isolates (smaller components of essential oils, not the whole essential oil itself), and plant waxes.

Isn't the scent of essential oils the same as the scent of natural perfume?

After it’s all said and done, there is quite a process to make most perfumes. Ours contain essential oils and extracts, all chosen for how they complement and enhance each other and the story they tell as a whole. Once perfume ingredients are blended, maceration for up to a month or longer allows permanent bonding of the alcohol and essential oils. High-quality and pure perfumes are often aged for months or even years after the scent has been macerated. Once the fragrance settles, sometimes other ingredients are added for a second aging process. This makes natural perfume different from essential oils; it truly is an art form created by masters in perfume savoir-faire.